The Wander Team

Kim van der Leeuw
Chief Exploration Officer

Impact Entrepreneur. Experience in over 25 countries.
Working on business development & strategy.
Co-founded Wakawaka.

  • Peter van Meir
    Designer of Discovery

    Product designer who builds awesome stuff.
    Experienced as senior designer at a renowned design firm in the Netherlands.

  • Joris de Leeuw
    Chief Travel Officer

    Engineer with a background in strategy consulting and complex projectmanagement.
    Software development & crunching code

  • We are Wander, a young, fresh startup from the city of Amsterdam. We have a passion for building things that bring the wonder back to wandering. Evolving from following the stars into the apps on your phone today, navigation is of all ages. Our aim is to make your citytrip an adventure by offering a whole new perspective on navigation on foot or bike.

    We offer city-visitors a new and exciting way to explore unknown territory. The Wyzer app is just the start. Expect some awesome upgrades to the platform soon! For businesses in hospitality, such as hotels, content providers and tour guides, we provide a distinctive solution to share content and offer a more valuable travel experience. Furthermore, we work together with municipalities like Amsterdam, to get a grip on the ever increasing amount of visitors and spreading them more evenly through the city. Wander was one of the participants in the Startup In Residence Incubator by the City of Amsterdam. Check out the promo video!

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